Chef Siska and her company, ChiliCali offers Indonesian inspired pop-up restaurant, corporate catering, and Indonesian cooking condiments in San Francisco. ChiliCali is the food she cooks, sauces she jars, recipes she writes, and anything from her kitchen that represents her roots: Asia & California. Growing up in close proximity to the great outdoors in Indonesia, Siska has a deep devotion to sourcing and cooking with farm-sourced, local, and healthy ingredients. She began cooking at a young age with her mother and mentor, a successful chef in Jakarta, and brought her talent to San Francisco and become an Indonesian food ambassador.



Chad Kuczek is the Head of Business Development for ChiliCali sauces. A transplant from the Fingerlakes region of New York he has cooked his way around the country in various states such as NYC, Vermont, Hawaii, California & most recently New Orleans.

After re-landing in San Francisco in 2015, he became a seafood ambassador for Water2Table Fish Co working closely with California fishermen and chefs throughout the Bay Area. He is also the owner/chef of a private events company in SF called Secondlinechefs.

An avid fan of music, Chad is always jamming away to music and all varieties. A playlist that is eclectic and influenced from all over the world favorites include anything by Springsteen, Motown, New Orleans tunes old and new, Edith Piaf, and Nigerian 70’s Funk. He is also in love with his 2 year old daughter Molly who keeps him busy when he thinks he’s not busy!


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