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“Siska is a true talent. Her food could speak for itself with complex Indonesian flavors and exotic ingredients but she charms guests with her stories behind the dishes. This is my second meal with her and I continue to be impressed with her attention to detail. An evening dining with Siska’s food and company is worth the price of admission and more.”

– Tylinn L.

So so delicious. Best Indonesian food I’ve eaten in the Bay area hands down (I’m Indonesian). The nasi campur comes with multiple little dishes, and everything is yummy and very authentic. My favorite is the fish curry and the fried peanuts with anchovies. I’m salivating just thinking about them right now.

-Novalina N.

This is my second popup with Chef Siska, and as a Malay Malaysian, her flavors hit home for me in a way that I can’t get anywhere else in the States. I had the nasi campur from Chili Cali. Her food somehow achieves the depth, authenticity, and comforting complexity of Indonesian flavors while being accessible to palates that are less familiar with the food of the region. Both times, the American friends I invited with me raved about the food. Her beef rendang is the best I’ve had since I moved to the States and reminded me so much of my mother’s. 10/10 helped me with my yearning for home food and will definitely be coming back regularly. My compliments to the chef!

-Banun I.