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These sauces or “Bumbu”, are essentials in every Indonesian kitchen and they are the foundations of most of our recipes. The four sauces are turmeric base, galangal base, sambal base, and kukui (candle) nut & shallots base.

Collectively, we call them “bumbu dasar,” which means base spices. These flavors can be mixed together or used individually.They save so much prepping time.

The sauces are very versatile and perfect for your everyday cooking. Just add the sauces to your soup, stir-fry, or as marinades.

Available at Bay Area’s Safeway Community Markets, Healdsburg SHED,  Epicurean Traders, Baia Pasta, Dahlia & Sage, Heat Hot Sauce Shop.

*Currently we only deliver our sauces locally via Good Eggs *